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MPD Simulator for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

MPD Simulator (iPad)- MPD Simulator (iPhone)- About MPD- Videos: MPD Simulations-

MPD Simulator (iPad) 

also compatible with iPhone



 This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

This application provides practical simulations of the Dynamic Well Control on the Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) operations in the oil field services.

With Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), when kicks occur, they are typically smaller, contained more quickly, and, in some cases, they may be circulated out through MPD equipment without drilling or circulation interruption.

This simulator is the new project based on the Drilling Simulator 2 available on our portfolio on the App Store, but specifically for dynamic well control on onshore and offshore operations (deepwater).

MPD System on this simulator:

1. RCD – Rotating Control Device
2. Annular Preventer (or Drill String Isolation Tool – DSIT)
3. Automated Choke for CBHP (Constant Bottom Hole Pressure), Constant Drill Pipe Pressure and Constant Choke Pressure.
4. RPD – Rig Pump Diverter
5. BPP – BackPressure Pump

Additional features:
1. Driller Interface based on Pressure Gauge, Weight Indicator, Rotary Torque gauge and Geolograph.
2. Choke Interface based on Hydraulic Choke Digital Panel.
3. Graph in full screen (with background color in black or white) for analysis.
4. Special screen layout optimised for iPhones 6 / Plus and iPad Pro
5. Auto/Manual Control on MPD Choke ONLY.
Note: For well control based on conventional rig choke panel, please buy the "Drilling Simulator 2".

6. On iPad version, Three codes (admin, instructor, student) to view the gas into the borehole, the pressure at bottom, at shoe and at bop and to enable / disable the Lag Time (by adjusting the choke to change the kill pressure and drill pipe pressure, etc).

Attention: The Initial codes: "0000"

Note: If lose the admin code:
1. Export all data files to iCloud;
2. Delete app on iPad
3. Re-install it from App Store.
4. Use the initial code: "0000"
5. Import data files from iCloud

Other features also available:

A graphical very useful tool for training of roughnecks, derrickmen, drillers, toolpusher, drilling engineers and students in the well control procedures.

- Ability to drilling, kick detection, shut-in, stabilisation of pressures;
- Interactive System: no pre-set methods;
- Ability to apply control methods: Driller's method, wait and weight, dynamic volumetric and static volumetric (lubricate and bleed);
- Hydraulics and Hydrostatics;
- Behavior of the kick;
- Applied with subsea stack or surface stack;
- Set well with until 4 sections: riser, casing, liner, open hole ;
- Set Drillstring with drillpipe1, drillpipe2, heavy weight, drillcollar1, drillcollar2

Kick Model in this simulator:

The model assumes that the kick starts as a single bubble at the bottom of the hole and migrates upward as a single bubble from the bottom to the surface. In underbalanced condition (BHP


Others apps for Well Control available on our portfolio on the App Store:
- Drilling Simulator 2
- Drilling Hydraulics
- Kick Tolerance
- Leak-Off Test Simulator
- Leat-Off Test Analyzer
- Well Control Methods
- Well Control Worksheets (iPad and Mac only)
- Well Control Simulator 2
- Kick Game 2

These tools can complement (work with) this simulator by creating files which can be used in this application; 

- This simulator is limited and is not applied to some complex situations.
- Visit the website for User's Guide.

Please, report us bugs and suggestions for improvements.

View User Guide for iPad (HTML)

Download User Guide for iPad (PDF)

Screenshot on iPad Pro


Screenshots on iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini






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Visit our website for more Oil & Gas apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac OS X.