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The User Experience with the our apps is impressing us by each day, with satisfied customers buying a product for several devices, trying new ones, recommending to their co-workers and college friends, giving feedback with compliments and suggesting improvements.

We work hard to always bring to you the best experience.

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About Us

We are a team of specialists in petroleum engineering with over 30 years of expertise in oil wells drilling and workover operations. We have in our historical development Well Control Simulators for training and Supervisory Systems for the oil industry.

Our mission is to bring for petroleum specialists and students innovative tools which can be useful to their work.


   Kick Tolerance as Maximum Kick Volume

   The Volumetric Method

   New Directional Drilling applications

   Drilling Simulator 3 using the Driller's Method Simulator as Remote Choke Control

   Comparing BPP vs RPD in MPD Simulator

   MPD - RCD Dynamic Pressures

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Directional Drilling - New apps on the App Store !!!

Volumetric Method Simulator
Applied to wells with surface BOP!
Kick Tolerance (Maximum Kick Volume)
KT Calculations on Vertical and 3D Directional Wells!
Driller's Method Simulator !!!
A basic well control simulator with score based on Kick Game!
Wait and Weight Method Simulator !!
A basic well control simulator with score based on Kick Game!
Drilling Simulator 3 - Optimized for horizontal and directional wells
Failures Schedule, Manifolds, two chokes and multiple kicks (3 simultaneous) !
User Guide for iPad Download PDF (51 MB)
MPD Simulator
Optimized for deepwater operations!
User Guide for iPad Download PDF
Well Control Methods

iOS and Mac

iOS and Mac

iOS and Mac

iOS and Mac
Kick Game 2 - A Well Control Simulator with score !

- Designed for both iPhone and iPad !
- Challenge your colleagues !
Video: Wait and Weight Method Video: Driller's Method
Well Control Worksheets

iPad ( FREE! ) Mac

iPad and Mac

iPad and Mac
More Apps on Our Portfolio

iOS ( FREE! ) Mac

iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad

iOS ( FREE! ) Mac

Drilling Cost
iPhone and iPad

Directional D.
iPhone and iPad

Drilling Hydraulics
iPhone and iPad

and Formulas
iPhone and iPad

Kick Tolerance
for Mac

Kick Tolerance
as Max Vol
iPhone and iPad

Leak-Off Test
iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad

for Round-Trip
iPhone and iPad

Well Control
iPad only

MPD Simulator
iPhone and iPad

Gas Compressibility
iPhone and iPad

Riser Safety
iPhone and iPad